Please run for a third term.

When you trying to find some deep meaning in Michael Bay movie

‘Equitism’ is seen as “generalized social equity”; as “generalizing” social equity, to beyond the small class of owners of “controlling shares” of capital equity, to encompass the whole society, including every citizen, by constitutionally endowing each citizen, as a human right, with the ownership of new kinds of equitable “property”, of equalitarian ‘social shares’.



Amazing speaker and amazing talk!

With my two native languages russian and german I actually learn seven languages. I’m proud of myself. I did it! 💪

I think that figure is now somewhere in the ballpark of $100,000+ after interest with student loans..

Id be very interested to see what he says about the New Zealand accent???

He became rich, but he still has, nothin’ to teach

You are God.!!! The truth will set You free.!!! The story of Your freedom – computers and robots are tools best tools, AI (artificial intelligence) computers and robots will do everything for everyone, everyone needs help and independence, best of all robots work for free – utopia.!!! Robots will be in house doctors, dentists, engineers, scientists, inventors, bricklayers, carpenters, make and run businesses and farms, vericle farms, everything, generate money, capital and productivity like never before – the acceleration of science and technology.!!! Best defense against robot is another robot superior


I thought about those issues for a long time.

You must be very sure about what your god wants to say stuff like this or you just hate this man for waking up from his christian dream.

Best regards

For example:

Best episode yet!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay, I’m getting brainwashed. Nothing I can do about it though, so I guess I’ll roll with it.

This is 100% incorrect


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