The family in rural Africa cannot make enough money to feed their family, yet they have 8 children. they’re in desperate need of family planning education and stop believing in the churches telling them not to use condoms.

Great vídeo

Your very premise is wrong – that the shirt is intrinsically misogynistic. Are romance book covers with tall, rippling men misandrist? Why aren’t those romance book covers depicting short, fat, hirsuite guys in stained t-shirts? The annoyance comes from another sex telling the other what they are allowed to like. How fucking dare they? Can you even IMAGINE how women would respond if men did that to women? If the criticism is that it was unprofessional attire, FINE. but to jump down this guy’s throat for a shirt that A WOMAN made for him is absurd. And watching this video right up against the louis ck video ought to give anyone whiplash. You ask us to consider whether our cultural norms affect our thinking but you should ask yourself the same thing as your generation is growing up under a regime of hypersensitivity to even the slightest possible “micro aggression” ffs. Just because someone is offended doesn’t mean they have a point or that anyone has to accede to their preferences. It’s this kind of AUTHORITARIAN fascism that is wrong with the regressive left. Conversion by swordpoint? No. And the thing about the extremist left and statistics is that they alway ASSUME MALICE whenever they look at a number favoring men but LOOK DEEPER on numbers favoring women. The romance fiction industry is like 89% women… Yet to we assume sexism there? Or do we think perhaps men aren’t that into literary porn? :p you yourself are operating under a TON of unfounded assumptions to arrive at the notions you’ve arrived at. Likely fostered and encouraged by your like minded peers. Again, i encourage YOU to dig deeper. Look at the assumptions and leaps in logic. Examine whether a 70s era film theory notion of objectification NECESSARILY speaks to the real world and human behavior and psychology when it comes to things like fashion models and romance fiction book covers. And watch christina hoff sommers and camille paglia talk about these kinds of issues as feminists who think this kind of stuff is bullshit. Be as open as you ask us to be because what you’ve got here is faaaaaaaaar from the bottom line.

Great game!

Bring back John Green

Is this just generally for A level econ?


(in all seriousness though, i love your artwork!!)

And there, in the middle of an essay on intertextuality: “Scenes like this are kind of unicorns blood: they will keep your story alive, but only with half a soul.” You are a motherfucking genius. >D

P. S. Why pictured are so DISGUSTING!?

You call it Hyperbole. I call it dishonest LYING.

Hii. sir mai kuchh dino se monatery policy sikh rha tha lekin samajh nhi pa rha tha lekin aaj apka video dekhkar samajh gya

Change the white balance settings in your camera you look so yellow

Dupa unii istorici latina si romana se trag din aceeasi limba porto-romana. sau altfel sopus dintr-o romana veche; si ca romana de fapt ar fi singura limba continuatoare a acestei limbi, asta dupa surse de la Vatican. Apoi o alta mare inexactitate, in film, limba romana apare cica de-abia in sec 12-13!?! o alta inexactitate e ca Transilvania e locuita de vorbitori de o alta limba decat cea romana(ne-indo-europeana) Shame on you to spread such errors.

Accounting. Bi teach karo Hy sir for me please 923144402447 what’s karo to bi koyi baat nai am Pakistan singer sir


Speaks volumes.

What is the difference between hyperbole and metaphor?

Maybe he could be your family member. #notmine


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