The only very obvious error I saw here was the placing of the Urheimat in Anatolia. I have a very strong and disconcerting suspicion that, given the rarity of people with extensive linguistic knowledge, most of the comments reprimanding the video are extremely specific; people from certain areas of Eurasia who don’t know about anything but their own language and its general history are pointing out very specific errors. It is not wrong to be scrupulous in your analysis of the video; in fact, it is laudable. It is wrong to bring petty nationalistic biases into the question.

So interesting and informative

Love, love, love.

This map is shite. early Celtic languages were spoken from Portugal to Italy to eastern Europe and even Galatia in turkey after it was conqured by Celts from “Doggerland”.. Gaelic was spoken in all of Ireland until a few hundred years ago and was spoken in all of medieval Scotland. The welsh and Breton languages aren’t even shown as existing??German territories up to the Lithuanian border lost after WW2 that had never been polish speaking are not shown.. Slavic, Celtic, and Germanic languages and people are all descended from Scythia alleged human migration and climate change doesn’t match up with DNA, Linguistics and known historical events.

I have been watching TED Talks for a long time, and I noticed most of speaker hold a presentation clicker on hand. Does anyone know what kind is that? I wanna get one for my presentation too.

My world has been turned upside down! I didn’t notice that that was Gallifreyan!!!! I AM NOT WORTHY!!!!!!!!!!


Can you please make a video on the distinction between economic profit/rent/surplus?

Education is to produce workers, not to think. Mike

I hope you catch the big fish!

Correction: When Trump says “Believe Me” it indicates to me that he is just told us or will soon tell us telling us he is going to or has told a lie.

Never realized this before but you do have a valid point. I wondered why I like the first two iron man movies so much

A lot of theory but not really helpful in reality.

Excellent Job VEry Nice

I have an econ final tomorrow…about to turn myself into some I’s in the middle of it LOL 😂 that bonus bonus round was genius


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