@assandracomplexx — I would have to see his/her exact instructions to know for sure, especially instructions about length. But, yes, regardless of length or number of sources, this video presents a distillation of the most common elements of literature reviews. Now, about the first three letters of your name. . . ahem. . .

Supply Chain Management is a newer term but guess what. its nothing new! Bottled water, drinks and everything else has been sold profitably before “SCM” its a BS discipline. But if companies want to pay big bucks for common sense than sign me up.

What were people cheering for @5:38 when the guy brought up didn’t have the “supreme court”? Or “Spring Cork? What was it?

This is pretty much “surprise nostalgia” to me

Me: ok lets write this essay, ok il just grab some music

This video would be complete rubbish if she didn’t have that totally hot, early morning post sex hair, her using my shirt as her jammies, can’t wait to join her in the shower before breakfast look. ijs

“let’s asume you know that for sure.” 1:00


Miss Niharika is a great teacher

I get the existential philosophical messages in Rick and Morty, however I think it’s a stretch to say that we were looking for the “meaning of life” in wanting to believe in Rick’s humanity. I think the part in us wanting to believe that rick is not a sociopath is because humans are empathetic, and social creatures, we look for faces, we give emotions and human characteristics to anything from our smartphones to our dogs and cats. We just want to believe that people are human, especially if they’re dropping hints that they are, like Rick has done. That’s why we’re so fascinated by sociopaths.

NO, it didn’t start with O’brother movie. It’s only the first “U. S” movie on which this technique has been used.

RIP rabbits 1 like = 1 prayer


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