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This video must be sponsored by Albanians. 🙁

People who dwell on problems become depressed. People who dwell on solutions don’t become depressed.

This harsh reality breaks my heart……

Pff, the universe isn’t infinite! This is the 7th universe, and we have some galaxies. Then there’s the 6th universe, which contains some galaxies as well, that are slightly different from ours.

“No i cant stop yelling cause this is how i talk” — Dave Chappelle

Why tf is such an innocent videos comment section so full of hatred?? smh this is why we cant get along you people want to make everything political and a race thing

Go right ahead and become boring and irrelevent if you want, but don’t expect respect

If you find this one too difficult, I have added a newer version that shows the lyrics and then identifies the type of figurative language. Check it out for practice.

Ollie Bye – I really like your presentations, and truly hope you can represent an accurate account of history. Please take this comment seriously and read this article – Thanks! – http://indiafacts. org/aryan-invasion-myth-21st-century-science-debunks-19th-century-indology/

Great work! 🙂 Cecilia xo


2:38 the dude is apologizing for saying the authors name wrong?!?!? What’s wrong with you Dude! Why don’t you learn to say it correctly. You Americans always apologizing for pronouncing foreign names incorrectly. Are you lazy or just arrogant? My name is LIND-GREN or ‘Lindgren’ aka Johnnie de Bangkok Pattya Today Life & Leisure Editor

Looks awesome! have to check it out myself. you should check out the app hacked, it’s like this only not graphical, a bit more fast paced and it has an open world mode

Did that guy just shit on Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Fuck ooofff you SJW asshole.

Martin should thank Charlamagne for making him look like a fantastic human being by comparison.

Would an OLS degree with a minor in Communications be good to get into HR?

Again, another great video. I’m not sure where I stand with Foucault, but then again I’ve not read much of his work to make an accurate judgement. I wondering, if you get the time, could you do a video on the philosopher and psychiatrist R. D Laing?

At end: he was mean but now he learned his lesson from the aliens



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