We world is not like that video

Is science compatible with religion?

I would use the terms “ideational,” “simulation” and “auto-replicating mood program”. But then again, a mind-fuck by any other name would smell… like a soggy novel from the 19th century.

I am struggling to find. Source for Thesis in Managment. I really confused on how I should start it..your help will be highly appreciated


Emperor of India. :D. Yes, good what u said.

I genuinly want to know why i never had great techers like this when i went to school… who knows, i might actually have given a crap..

“They do not speak Persian, they speak Farsi, or as we call it, Persian.”

Bullshit. Go and research, but do it PROPERLY this time, who gave the Cyrillic alphabet to Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Objectivity is the root of science.

Reminds me of Latin

Most students ARE lazy.

Yoh thanks bra, i have been struggling with this economics thing, but you are fast wish you can slow down your pace

We’re fucking screwed

We do these things all the time but this was execive there are good people out there are there are bad if they are trying to stop this make a change instead of making a video about it see people complain and argue and bully if you want to make a difference do it cause complaining about it isn’t going to do anything so that’s my opinion but hey what’s I matter that’s what the world is another opinion down the crap hole😾😑

It’s so weird when you hear Jack’s energy in his intro for his newer videos but then you come back to these older ones and it’s just… not there

That unit cannon on the moon totally sold it for me.

I didn’t even think Kevin Costner in Robin Hood was aiming for an English accent.

I think a gap year is such a good idea!! my brother took one, traveled the world and will never regret it. I love that you’re defying the expectations of typical ‘high achievers’ – it will be great for personal development – Im also applying for Biology at Bristol too!!

Beethoven was an ugly motherfucker


Step #3 – Give it a Constitutional mandate to “tell the truth”

People b honest n confident i have work for mikidis, burgerking i have been a super viser on a movie theater, sales rep i have work on customer service also for time worner cable technician, construction and at buffalo wild wing as a cook and now papadeoux restourant as a cook cheft as well and guess what?????????????????? I DONT HAVE A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA AND IM 22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n getting pay 18 the hour right now n im not saying dont go n get ur high school just dont let that get in the way

Damn this guy is smart. They can’t touch him intellectually. And listen to that Illuminati thing he says….what was it Bridget Capital??? They asked him how did he get the money to start the drug company…. He said “the same thing your boys do” and referred back to that meeting Charlamagne said he was at πŸ‘€πŸ‘€



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