Malkovich, Malkovich

I have said fact based statements before that people called racist so I had to remind them that what I said wasn’t an opinion but was actual non biased facts.

@Jader7777 As he said towards the end: If our upbringing, education, economy… Indeed our very existence, isn’t aimed towards fostering that empathic nature, we revert to our more baser nature – Greed, materialism, narcissism and aggression. What we see today, most of the violence, crime, hate and division going on in the world, is due in no small part to the mindset we’ve been taught – Of the monetary world, of the value of having more than others, and constantly trying to get the upper hand.

Hello Ms. Liz, I just want to add. I think that if the question states “To what extent…” Words such as “totally, definitely, certainly, partly” should be added. “I totally agree or I totally disagree that….” Introduction should contain 2-3 sentences. I hope this is a useful tip as well. By the way, I love the tips you have provided on True/False/Not given questions. I badly needed that hehe. Cheers!

Not asking an existential question.

I cried a lot.

I purchased this game a few days ago, and I finished all the puzzles in 6 hours straight, in one sitting (actually 5 hours and 58 minutes). Then I went back to optimise all puzzles, because several of them did not have all the lights “lit” in the “elevator”.

What is explained in this video is the research about “Critical (sensitive) Period Hypothesis”. I thought you would describe what is “linguistic intuition”

ICame, iSaw, and iRan

We can read those by ourselves why we need her to read it for us??

Hold on, im 12 and my teacher is making me watch this.

When the social and cultural context does not require that children have native-like proficiency, it can be more efficient for the school program to begin second language instruction later in order to maintain a stronger commitment to the education in the child’s first language.

Very helpful, thanks a lot.

Swiyzerdütsch is so diffrent the most a german speaker will have troubles to understand its nealy inpossible for highgermans but the swiyzer dont have problems with that

2: If I was the driver I’d just flip the trolley. I couldn’t live knowing I ended a life, it is better to die a hero than live a monster.

I still can’t get over Ben Kingsley’s very bad, so called maori accent in Enders Game – was hoping it would be shut down in this video

What kind of brainwashed dumbass kids actually go to this university?!?! Isn’t this HARVARD?! Shit… I don’t think I’d pull the lever for any of them.

Now instead of getting c’s i get straight a’s

Can’t imagine Trump doing one of these…….oh yeah…he doesn’t have the balls.

I just suggest u for a summary in description

This was just so sad to watch. The cast system needs to die already. No one should be treater higher or lower thn anyone. Times have changed but I believe its going to take along while for things to change in certain places. It’s the way in which people think that need to change.


Yeah because Nazi-Germany was a country without hierarchy.

There is no real polish accent if you’re not repalcing ‘th’ sound with ‘t’ or ‘d’


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