Can u please include pic with each line. it really help to have image. thanks

CrashCourse represents everything wrong with outside sources who care little about the art of LEARNING.

Great question. The question is asking about the market for Country Z’s currency, not the market for other currencies in Country Z. Country Z’s currency is bought and sold in other country’s, so the graph could be “The market for Z’s dollars in Europe” and the exchange rate would be “Euro’s per Z$”, let’s say. In this case, the supply of Z’s dollars comes from Z’s residents. When Z’s interest rate’s rise, Z’s residents are less willing to supply Z$’s abroad, so the supply decreases…

Yes. Keep doing these I really love this.

What is the difference between hyperbole and metaphor?

My english teacher used an overhead too. Then it broke, and she wrote on the whiteboard. Now she finally has a projector, and uses that instead.

Taking the exam in one hour. How’s this for last minute?

Nice game. would like to see more of it 😀

Ий снэгк ахнажой йий донаэч.

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Those aren’t liver spots. They’re the result of decades of excessive grey matter.

Sehr schönes Video. Das wird mir am Mittwoch in der Englisch-Klausur bestimmt helfen. Danke!


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