I’ve learned that if you can be fluent in the easier languages it helps you build with other languages simular and not simular (by non simular I mean you find ways to learn languages faster and ways to be consistant.) and by that I have been able to learn Norweigan to lead up to German, and Spanish up to Portugese, and Russian (Because I haven’t found a good way to learn russian fast or a language that is easy that helps you with Russian, so your on your own for that.) goodbye.

Therd is a duality to it. cultural a situation is created where a shirt might support sexism AND where women are less interested in STEM sciences. without the culture both might not exist. The problem now is that idealists want to make use of one without accepting the other. If you want to argue that stem numbers are a cultural created situation that could be different, you also have to accept that the shirt effect is cultural created and needs to be unlearned. so yeah, if you want to be liberal, dont be a dick about a shirt, but be invested in teaching CHILDREN about equality

The Circular Flow Model [5:38] also explains what’s going wrong in the American economy:

Hello. 🙂 The Vedic scriptures and Vedic religion was long before the advent of Buddha, it is religion that has its own system, their gods and above them the god Vishnu, which originated in Krishna, who is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, thus saith the revealed scriptures. It is not a religion, more or less atheistic system, which is indeed the reincarnation and moksha, which is called Nirvana, but it is now one, one and the same thing about. In this religious figure gods, unlike Buddhism. Buddha itself is regarded as suspect as the ninth avatar of Krishna. When the highest Krishna why Buddhists do not worship Krishna as its learning appeals to surrender to him directly? Buddha himself as a man, not a god was not. Yet Buddhists worship him as a god, and with it the imaginary gods and goddesses, spirits of ancestors and do not know what all still worship! Buddha himself was certainly met with brahminical class Hindus, which is also the authority of this religion. Not only fonts and Krishna. It is logical that he had to draw from these authorities, but on the basis of revealed truths, according to this belief, he began like Protestants in Christianity, invent their own heresy. So logic dictates things. Therefore no longer gods, but he is God, therefore everything neupíná to Krishna, to science, but to the Buddha. It is necessary to ask whether it is right? Even if the Buddha avatar of Krishna, is still only avatar, not the Supreme Personality of Godhead, it is not logical? Otherwise, I am a Christian Catholic and for me the true Jesus Christ, the only objectively and rationally respond to Buddhism and Hinduism, concluded I was based on facts, history and knowledge of the teachings of Krishna, he should go on to the west called the Eastern religion, philosophy, truth can not be other than Krishna. Islam know very well how the Qur’an and history. Interpretations of Sunni Muslims. I know Christianity many directions. I have about Islam clear Quran even denies itself in its own way, Islam, Muslims do not know, do not know the Bible, which contradicts Islam, confirms Jesus. God does not accept the prophets of Ishmael line that produced Muhammad. So for Asia’s second choice if not Christianity, Krishna. This I can handle. Jesus first choice, it makes sense. If he’s right, the best man has to marry him and believe. If truth does not take place and rebirth man anyway gets another chance next time and not a Christian but a Hindu, Buddhist extension. So purely logical and pragmatic advantage is to be a Christian-Catholic, I have nothing to risk, and if this is true not just know the truth next time and nothing is lost. Therefore, there is no reason to be particularly non-Christian in this life. Peace and love to all of God I wish I did.:-)

I do love the Idea of kickstarter, it gives private developers the ability to make something they want, that actually might have alot of fans but the huge developer companys does not believe in. This is a way for the commoner to get what they want. Fuck the big companys, Kickstarters are the shit!

Better than my teacher. Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work

Thats soo true!!!! I’m in that position right now cause the company im workin for right now are a bunch of low down, power triping, crooks!!!!!!!!!! For some reason, the harder I work, the lazyer the employes (ESPECIALLY THE MANAGERS!) are. FUCK WORK!

The conclusion is that we can not escape from a fascist or comunist world, just becouse it’s in our nature… There is no hope, it’s just struggle to reach the top in a big corporation so you can become a “farmer”…

Fallopian tubes? lolol

This trailer looked so promising.. They better finish this.. Great concept.

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My Language: Hindustani


Remember what they said in the earlier episodes, that Capitalism and Socialism are not contradictory. Based on this video, some countries (Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, New Zealand) have a rather harmonious Capital and Social economies. As the world becomes more globalized, we are becoming more socialized and are therefore more thoughtful when we make decisions. Good job humans! 😀 Decreasing World Suck!

Gotta love the 480p

I love u

Woah… This explain more clear than my lecturer. Ops….


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