Czech speaker here, which means 7 noun cases, 3 grammatical genders, verb aspects and all the other good things 😉

This is just read from Wikipedia.

I like your smile

3.Cry a lot

Stop with the white hip hop analysis.

I suggest all the so called low cast people to become high cast in a day. You all make a day and on that day you declare yourselves as high cast. You write last name as chatterjee, Banarjee, Bhattacharjee etc. In a single India will become free of low cast. There will not be low cast anymore. But if you can not do this you simply change your religion. You convert to Islam or Christianity. You must do it.

Plzz suggest some better things

I think the Matrixy aspect is in thinking this is the only way a market economy can be organized (there isn’t a need for such a artificial division between households and businesses, and how do households control the resource market anyway?). Not to mention of the 4 factors of production, one is a special case (inelastic) and is controlled mostly by government (land).

Very cool looking, I’ll keep an eye on this interesting project 🙂


Can you please do a video on purple hibiscus?? Thanks

Finally i have a word, to go with something i have been thinking about for ages!!

Вообще параша полная. эту игру в Steam еще за 1200 продают, пиздец бл*ть.

One of the things that bothers me the most about DC’s color grading is the sky. The sky looks utterly unrealistic in every single movie they’ve made. Take a look at the scene in the new Justice League trailer where Aquaman is riding on top of the Batmobile. The sky looks ugly and the bad CGI makes the scene look even worse.

He sounds way more like Gru from Despicable Me than he does Irish here

Susan Moller Okin, author of Justice, Gender and the Family (1989), looked forward to “a future without gender.

6:40 dude really knows his job 😀

Now, a software to help you score band 9 in IELTS!

Great help, thank you so much


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