– Jesse Eisenberg (Mark Zuckerberg)

I’m going to practice on my confidence.

Can I use your video for my video, Stefan? And would you like to see my vids too, I think you may relate a bit in what I say in my creations. I also try to grow my community ^^ It would be a honor to have you as a subscriber! Thanks already!

U forgot anime…

Well at least we’ll never see a robot puppeteer haha.

Take her to the moon for me – Bing Bong feels

Huge thank you all all

Maybe this is why all my friends think I’m a hard ass

Make Steve Jobs even happier in his sleep. And explains why I’ve just bought my first Mac laptop…the future is coming into my hands…

What’s the password for the Ultimate Review Packet 2017?

Damn seeing how good music is made makes me so pissed at the new artist who got famous for songs like…yifhbgutvcjuu And… afhfihyhhghi

Don’t forget Universities and schools that won’t protect their students from security beatings, and use of animal labs

I’m just wondering if you meant everyday such as schooldays


Should’ve done David Bowie’s impression of Andy Warhol

Thx so much, you teach so fast and effective. I understand better from you then a college class i pay for.

“The dirty secret about racism, sexism and prejudice, is that it’s pleasure. It’s pleasurable to assert your dominance within a hierarchy that you create”

Am I the only one who doesn’t give a fuck?


Had me until he started to advocate globalization and selflessness.

Rubs this video all over my face mmm yes I love it when people actually respect emoji as a legitimate form of communication instead of just dismissing it as a silly “millennial” thing.


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