Why is that?


The other western groups of IEs started splitting and migrating away from the steppe homeland between 3500 BC and 3000 BC. The Proto-Greeks (and perhaps the Proto-Armenians, if they were related to the Greeks) were part of the second wave of migrations to the Balkans. The Greeks did not arrive in Greece in 1600-1400 BC, that’s just the time when the Mycenaean civilisation had been created, the Proto-Greeks invaded Greece several hundred years before that (probably around 2000 BC). They had to have had some adjustment time from going from steppe nomads to Mediterranean city dwellers, it didn’t just happen instantly.

One of the best Ted Talks ever! Just inspiring.

You’re hilarious. AMAZING infact.

Every time he says “believe me”, that’s precisely the moment when I know that everything he’s just said, or about to say, is a complete and utter lie.

What are you doing today?

Just found out that John Green’s the guy who wrote “The Fault in Our Stars.”


Dear John

Really good cinematography and acting and also portraying the injustices behind our “politically correct” society. Thanks for pointing out what lots of people hide like the guy in the box.

The teacher — is that you??

Congrats on 200k subs bro! been following you since your Deep Convo vid! You really blew up dude, you really deserved it too! Wish you the best for 2017

We are actually having an under population issue kind of ironic

13 o clock, they go back to the shore

Search for this video

I want it now god dam it

Those are just the tip of he iceberg.

I feel like I’m going to screw up English because its a closed book exam and i can’t remember quotes to save my life

Best video i ve ever saw

I thought Masters do with Dissertation and Doctorates will the do the Thesis. Otherwise, the rest seems so rich, useful and so appealing.

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