I’m taking IGCSE

Does it even help?

Wow mam aap ni bare cute andaz se parhaya han soooo amazing


You are the best teacher 😘😘😘😘

JESUS. I would have acquired a hand cramp after the first 5 minutes of drawing this. WHO HAS THE TIME. but this IS extremely simple yet profound…so I’ll watch and not complain:)

It’s a beautiful philosophy but the 3rd noble truth is extremely reactionary and passive. It lets slaves remain slaves, the poor remain poor, the ostracized remain ostracized and so on.

So to summarize the 7 Deadly Sins: “Don’t be insincere”. Surprisingly a lot harder than it sounds.

Hitler used the same techniques to rouse the alt right in Germany.

I doubt America will ever have a president this cool again.


What about his book The Archaeology of Knowledge?

You simply won’t have a life if you don’t believe in yourself,

Stop supporting the third world with first world aid and earths population will stabilize

Fucking hell, him breathing so heavily is making me breath like i have run

Any advice is welcome!

Does that mean we are supposed to ignore it when somebody is clearly not even trying to write properly?


Starting a Frerard fic :L

Adam Smith also believed that tariffs and cross-border trade taxes were essential for protecting national economies. Free trade and market was only relevant nationally. International “free” trade and markets harmed individual national markets, which crashes everything. But most “free” market “economists” ignore or misunderstand this fact.


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