I doubt writing essay for GT in an academic way is positive?

Its really handy to understand

Michael Port: Steal the show (communication/speach/body language, Job interview/negotiation)

Clicked because I thought it was Dennis Reynolds

Whoever finds this documentary good is fucking retarded

He’s a master persuader. Scott Adams is right.

Lamarckian evolution doesnt work. and the parrots arent learning anything, they’re just learning how to communicate what they already know to us

Charlamagne is a Monkey….end of story.

There is also a consideration for individual morality as well. Why is it that those who were in concentration camps during the holocaust did not engage in cannibalism though they were clearly all starving to death? Is it because they all believed on the Hebrew God of their people who considers such acts as sin?

I love how it’s now a series, like YAS. I probably can’t do any of these languages nor the accents from the previous video but they’re so entertaining.

People are starting to wake up now, but unfortunately, not all of the people are waking, only few are waking up, more like 144,000. ( God is getting his army ready)

While your timer counts Greece already had civilization thus not part of this indo-european nonsense

Its about how people think technology is more important

what are your most important quotes and interpretations and context for the Tempest????

I believe MC Hammer wrote a song about this…..

Finally… he dead by alien thank you alien!

So farmers are both getting farmed and farming at the same time?

The best HR professor at world ๐Ÿ™‚

A REAL revolution and a REAL rebellion for freedom and justice.

Well I donโ€™t like Emily so go away


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