雖然中文的打招呼是「你好」 但我們在台灣卻 更常說 「哈囉(HELLO)」 或 「嗨(HI)」

Frodo is not human

Thank you so much!

Great interviewee abhorrent interviewer…

I mean if one omits an outline would his mark be lowered?

Careful Russia did not exists as a nation and identity or Language 4000 3000 2000 500 BC To attribute protocol info European language to Russia as a nation is absurd


The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton was also a great book


Nice SIR

I am horrible at these types of essays :/

Actually it was a kind of cool video i guess

Flexible budget questions no. 5 kaa answer ky h send kro puraani ans

Are you telling us to kill our self

I dont understand why its $3 instead of $2? can some explain..

Would it be politically incorrect to suggest that business bitches, I’m talking about donkeys, should stop cycling together?

Your contact number plz

Thank you Liz, this helped me a lot

So….. nostalgia? well, the overuse of nostalgia elements?

I still think the “phrase of this program” is “pedantic”!

What is attribute sir


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