Also, and this goes for almost all discussions about diversity—-when is it right? when do we know some field isn’t biased? does there HAVE to be a 1:1:1:1… ratio of all sorts of groups in all things? are humans really all the same in terms of skills and interests? (I’m not saying inequality don’t exist at all. I’m asking when we”ll know that it doesn’t anymore)


Amazing 💯💯💯

Imagine a worker who’s only job is to stitch a particular part of a shoe all day every day. Now consider that same worker making an entire shoe from start to finish, or even making and designing other clothes and textiles. They might be slightly less productive overall but from a humanitarian perspective its worth the opportunity cost.

I love how he gave a few jabs at Google. Incredible. He stays true regardless of the media he’s on.

“Take that physics, we’re coming for ya”

I wish they would separate out these interesting movie accent critic videos from the rest of the trash Wired pumps out so i could subscribe to this channel without having to see the rest of their shit offerings

Just because you don’t get it? I’m making the only valid points here and I’m the one who should go away? Chinese is the national language of China, therefore it is an Asian language. Maltese is a language that has only been spoken in Malta throughout its history and Malta is in Europe, so it is a European language. It doesn’t matter that the stem language originated from the middle east and all of its relatives are in the middle east, it’s the only European Afro-Asiatic language.

Such a Great teacher i have never seen before

I want spit on that Brahmin guy wearing sun glasses while he is talking.

I find the ‘invisible hand’ definition to be off. The ‘invisible hand’, according to Friedman, meant ‘free markets’ would regulate themselves. That is, no government regulation needed. Aaaand, then the entire Western economy collapsed. So, I want to see this definition nailed down to what Friedman defined it as, since when it comes to neoliberalism, or so called ‘free markets’ or even Reaganism, it has been our Western economic policy since the mid nineties.

This guy sounds like seth rogan.

Perhaps not for lesbians either, and CERTAINLY NOT for homosexual males.


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