Iavan – from Japheth (ancestor of Greeks)

He drew such a perfect circle. Damn.

Thank you

The video was correct in the sense that we have an abundance of power, and through the very nature of how we have free will yet are forced to conform to that which is around us, the nature of our very existence imposes our will on others, which can be a pretty terrifying thing for everyone. With that in mind, human arrogance is disgusting, unjustified, and leads people down a terrible path. If we only live for ourselves, we live not caring whether or not we hurt others, and this disconnection, this apathy, leads to entropy and suffering, because it goes against the very connective nature that defines reality. So what is connection on an emotional level? Love. It’s the one thing that allows us to think beyond merely ourselves, to truly appreciate the beauty of ourselves and others and come together to act with the preservation and advancement of ourselves and others in mind, to transform the influence we all have on each other’s lives into something positive, to transcend an otherwise painful and meaningless existence.

WAAAAAAAIT A SECONS… The Galactic federation soliders have similarities to The Zerg

Flight over a cuckoo’s nest?!

You make it so easy to understand! I love your videos.

His face looks like “I know what you did and you’re going to regret it”

1. Gossip

I’m 10 and I’m from 16 – 21

How are you now?

Since each franchise can only be represented one time I would have no problem with the best Stronghold or the best Empire Earth. Total Annihilation would probably be my pick.

No, you did not. You jumped right on the train and defend the twats, who attacked this poor man over his hip shirt. You and your lot are the bigots here. You are the zealous puritan bigots of this story.

Well, thank you for buyin’ it!

Anyone else thought it said of mice and men when it said of monsters and men at first??



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