Many students have no money to pay extra classes or private tutors, so this channel is essential to them.

No hard feeling tho dude

I loev your videos thank you for keeping it intersting pelase give me good karma i ened it

Had to stop watching. The sesame street level of cringe presenting is just too much for me.

Please teach your bloody dialect coach how to pronounce afrikaans properly🙄


Personal names are never translated. Hence it’s pronounced Martin Lutter… not with an Englisch ‘th’ just because it’s spelled ‘Luther’, since he’s a German with a German name.

This is college level stupidity. It wasn’t daring at all.

As a computer science engineer, this is my favourite video of all time. makes me feel so great about myself!

Indo-european are just a group of languages, Europe and India were densely inhabited and cultivated well before the spread of indo-european languages.

In conclusion, beware that we’re HUMANS.

I watched this and realized that steve cutts animated this

I want to a written copy of Side sir lecture. Because I want to copy his lecture in my memory.

Thanks for this. it was interesting

Are feminists offended by this, it is directed at them. do they realise it? an feminists care to reply please

-No lo se que sigue?


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