900 Hours and 9 months to make this video. Get yourself some robots already!

This shows INTENT, substance of meeting means nothing. 1. Stop saying WIN, is there a scoreboard? 2. Stop saying NOTHING Burger, awful

@eslgurucalif i know all about China, and i’ve been there, along with Japan since i’ve worked in the automotive industry for 10 years when our tool shops had to close down because we could no longer compete with slave labor and factories that are exempt from ALL environment and safety restrictions that are imposed here. Most people think its because they’re better workers. They’re not. They’re CHEAPER and do not have to follow the same standards as us, and not a level playing field.

Very bad. I didn’t like.

Arent you from Maryland!?

Sir when will u upload the full course

Hmmm… what would Dawkins say about this?

Sir if I got bonus on my this month’s salary. is this include in factor income or transfer income?

A. Your narrative flow imagine you are explain at a white board

Real Interestining

-a unexpected even occurs that changes the hero both physically and mentally

Google please interview Chomsky again. The subject of AI was a great point to explore further. Give Chomsky the respect he deserves. Sergey Brin or Larry Page should be talking to him.

There ain’t no destiny

There is a problem with obvious differences: to Aristotle, it was obvious, slaves weren’t real people. Of course, humans are biologically diverse, but what do these differences mean? They don’t give yourself in themselves an identity – society does. Society gives you a set of shapes you can try to fit in If you don’t, you get mocked, prosecuted, beaten up or treaded as insane.

Amazing awesome thank you… #MakeUsHuman

Your intertaining way distroyed the language barrier I have!

I liked this video but I don’t know why this video is titled “Hacking Language Learning.” Most of the things he talks about are pretty basic, I don’t know maybe Im not sure on the definition of hacking but it seems to be used very loosely these days


Very well explained in short time. thanks dear

This is common sense for any business person, you need a degree to understand this?


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