Instantly made me think of this video!

Thank you so much. i really like your video style

Good Day?

للاستفسار برجاء الاتصال على الارقام التالية :

Apologists for Trump your on the payroll what about your hyperbolic shit

This is absolutely excellent and this comes from a language aficionado with a doc degree in natural sciences, pathetically. You deserve much more credit than is possible on Youtube!

Fake news

Thank you. It helped me a lot with in my career

Rofl, Noam Chomsky was so bored by the introduction himself that he has bed head.

And human bla failed because of this.

Censorship….isn’t that the point?

This guy save my life!!!!!!!!

The indirect object can only be found between the verb and the direct object…

We have 7 grammatical cases in Czech. As mentioned in the video, the cases apply to nouns, pronouns, adjectives and verbs. Different cases for singular and plural variant of nouns. And not to forget, all nouns inflect differently, according to its grammatical gender. (E. g. chair = feminine, car = neutral, curtain = masculine form…). Every gender group has several model words. So all in all, there are 13 sets of 7 cases for singular, 13×7 for plural. Perhaps is sounds complicated but the language is incredibly rich, colourful and pictoresque like this. As far as I know, all Slavonic languages still keep this system (not exactly this but a system of grammatical cases – some languages have less of them or they would not have cases for all of the word categories etc.).


Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye


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