Two robots walk into a recruitment office for a job “These ARE the droids you’re looking for”

Just because youre reading rainbow, DIE CHILDHOOD DESTROYER

Anyone who overuses the phrase “believe me” (or, for that matter “to tell you the truth”) is simply indicating to me that they’re so used to lying that they must distinguish particular statements as genuine by prefacing or highlighting them with such a phrase.

Dude!!!!!!! You are the MANNNNNN

Camille from France at 11:23 almost broke me….

That’s why wee need all the refugees here and why they are so “economic important” – to get them more people into the system.

You should do a Crash course on Business, it would overlap with Economics in some areas but it would be really helpful to a lot of people, most people might not even know the difference between the two.

How much would a person have to donate to Patreon to get new Literature videos? I am really needing more of these.

I feel America is halfway there in this philosophy. Certainly self reliance and God are strong American traits.

This helped me so much thank you, I am writing a lit review on blood stain analysis

He is not a two faced con man or an academic imbecile. Academic Imbecile – has a vocabulary of complexity that serves no purpose other than to confuse or deceive reality. Albert Einstein – “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”. Einstein’s equation E=mc^2 under Global Warming Scientific Reinterpretation would be seven miles long and total bogus. Another quotation from Albert Einstein relevant to Academic Imbeciles “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. Wealth controls 99% of everything on this planet and they control all of academia. Programmed for decades (generations) PROFESSORS have no free thought truly – ACADEMIC IMBECILES. Also, a fundamental understanding or reality is – “know your audience”. Who is he speaking to? People? Not assholes, who believe they are superior, created to use a this platform to control a population through hate. To see something truly evil and unintelligent – go look in a mirror. 👹

You’re an amazing teacher, man. You’re really good at what you do. From one social studies teacher to another… I just gotta say I look up to you!

They didn’t realease ANYTHING about this game just the trailer, gimmie your money, bye.

Turks must be able to learn Turkish quickly as children because they have a separate set of genes with an incoded innate SOV sentence pattern. Something similiar must occur in the case of the Japanese. Finns must have even more remarkable genes in order to manage 15 different cases effortlessly and even swiftly. (Also sprach the offspring of Chomsky).

And yes lol that is a tired old claim, grumpiness is only a natural reaction to such closed mindedness and hypocrisy. 🙂

Sam Zilman, Pennsylvania, USA

Thank you so much! Great video, love it!

My deadline is in 2 days n I JUST started😭😭

U are great,.,,,u look santa,,,and u are spreadong knowledge✌👍❤



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