We have enough materials, workers and time to make everything we imagine.

My German husband claims he can’t understand Bavarians either 😉

It’s really hard to focus on economics when Adrienne is so cute


You have.

Wow you perfectly described yourself

Ashamed monolingual here! Unfortunately in the U. S. it isn’t common to learn a second language in depth, but I’m trying. I recently began studying Mandarin and Spanish. I’d love to be a polyglot. Hopefully one day I’ll get there…

Thank you so much i’ve really gained advaced ressults by watching your vidioes further i have suffent accessbility to use corretly this infustrucutre of writing an essay

In my World Studies class we’re learning of how the United States portrays the ENTIRE continent of Africa consisting of 56 countries in such a horrible light and will never broadcast amazing stories or events in a lot of countries there. We were told to say the first word that came to mine, there other students thought of horrible things: genocide, slavery, and basically all the stereotypes of Africa which had made me furious. I said “Booming Economy” and “Independent Nations”. In the top list of booming economies across the globe, there are 6 African countries on that list. Bet you didn’t know that, since the media would never say that. I don’t like how people would ask “Do you speak African”, an ignorant question, but they need to learn to be more aware of news outside this country. Every country will have multiple languages, such as in Nigeria which has over 500 different languages. Plus, we were suppose to bring in an article of any African news story, and guess what, most students brought in negative articles, but I didn’t. Relatives of mine from Nigeria are wealthy, not the racist stereotype that every single citizen within any freaking African country is labeled as poor and uneducated. We as young U. S citizens need to bring a positive awareness of every continent like Asia, Africa, or South America instead of always focusing on countries in Europe and North America.coming from a 9th grade freshie.


He said, “Hell no.” =).

Secondly, I’m having my year 10 English Language exam tomorrow, and I was wondering, regarding a topic such as “Describe an important decision that you have made and explain what happened as a result” – would including creativity be advised or not?

So if everybody was buddest then there would be no scientist?


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