Honey badger don’t give a f**k!

All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

Loved the countere strike part haha


Awesome talk..covered a lot of ground in very less time..definitely needs a lot of background knowledge to understand most of the stuff here..but i guess that is kind of expected since the talk is being given at a KDD conference

Still confused.. 🙁

I do agree marvel should feel much more colourful maybe not like pacific rim but still

A multi-million dollar gulf to home ownership has been deliberately created. With no prospect of ever becoming established couples have stopped having children. Immigrants that have no knowledge of the impossibility of the Canadian dream fill this gap.

Guys I’m no expert so being very naive but I’m assuming these people were modern humans? And if they are, where they the first group of modern homo sapiens considered ‘Caucasian’ or white?

The first step is prevention, through education, and the more educated a population is, the less it smokes and gambles.

Professor Tywin Lannister is the best

Yaay Foucault! You never cease to amaze me! Good work guys! Many thanks from france 🙂

2. Has taught (you mankind) the Qur’an (by His Mercy).

Why should humans be interested in being used as a resource? Maybe if you don’t mind being a slave.


Is it bad that I read Proust thanks to Uncle Frank from “Little Miss Sunshine”?


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