You got it, dude.

I want to say he wanted to be a inventor, I think he was already with that drum.. I wonder if that is mass produced now?

JusT what I needed! also my sc is freyajfox_xox (I made it when I was 11 😭😂)

Tq mam fr helping us this topic..tq

My major is Economics and Management Public but I’m interested in Human Resource. I learned a little bit about HR and now, i want to start learning about HR.

RESPECT human race… I owe you one.

It’s 2017 now.

Such a great video! I learned so much about Supply Chain Management, and everything that goes into the price of products. I would have never guessed that my $1.50 contributed to the paycheck of a forklift driver!

Why was the Supreme Court thing funny? Can someone please explain that for me? Thanks 🙂

3 seconds!!!!!!!!!

Going back and seeing how American jack used to try and make his accent…

Am I the only one who likes the way he says “berries”?

Can we get an analysis of the bear vs the dogs?

Wow, it is very clear and informative.


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