That was disproven a while ago by some researchers from the university of Missouri.

I am the Greatest ever!

You guys are to happy to be teaching economics, we need the cold hard stare of John Green :,(

He says we that much, maybe the Russian hookers misunderstood him and did wee on the bed

How else would you create a brand tell me without using language

But if you do not have any desires what is the purpose of living? Isn’t it good desiring something?

They make it sound like international trade and it’s rapid liberalisation is the answer to all of the world’s problems. however, if an underdeveloped country opens it’s markets to a flood of foreign goods, its own industries, unable to compete, will suffer and may not develop at all. furthermore, the trade agreements imposed on the less economically developed countries are often unfair, e. g. making them open up their agricultural sector (most vulnerable in the case of liberalisation) when the western countries’ own agricultural sectors remain closed and highly subsidised.

Tony is right about all but one thing Al Gore is a hack. From the PMRC to Vice president. Global warming Hoax. Would have made a terrible president

4:20 when I do my math homework

Using Duolingo to learn Portuguese

He got replaced by an orange smurf……

When writing an ” i ” i just make the line, no circle, no dot on top

EDIT: I know nothing about econ, just some maths.

Indeed, you did not create the problems that you cite, but you will perpetuate them, like generations before you.

Wow, so basically muslims are fighting for who should’ve been the first caliph 1400 years ago 🙂 I literally just realized that.. Pst. Im muslim

Fucking dickheads

I struggled with depression for 3 years 6 months of major depression and this presentation just gave me a whole new perspective on life and I am forever grateful.

Airplanes can fly and lend themselves without pilots yet we still use pilots and flight engineers.

I think it is really good.

Very nice

Thanks sir very good 😃


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