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Ok, so go for it and be in that minority… ur complaining about a bad situation that you have control over. im 17 ahahahhaa

Miss that man

Moment i heard C&C soundtrack. i was like “FYEAAH” probably has the most iconic and best soundtrack of all games.

Thank you


If this is what society has come to, this might be the worst dystopian generation ive ever lived in, screw illogicality, this world will be a nightmare to live in

There is also batman vs superman. another movie failed criticlly. but has so much

Im also passing my edexcel unti 1 tomorrow, can someone please explain me the evaluation point of magnitude? i know its big and examiners love it but i am a bit uncertain about it.

Thank you Liz. Is it ok to write like this method in the U. S.?

Sometimes folk need to back off their pretentious shitholiness and bear in mind that without intertextuality (damn, i feel like a pompous twat for writing that word) there would be no parody. for that matter, there probably wouldn’t even be such a thing as marketing if we took it outside the realm of movies and literature (i’m not over-thinking this statement, so don’t expect an argument about it).

3. Every characteristic she said she had she should have *shown* instead. No one cares if you say you’re reliable, especially if you throw it in randomly. You should tell a story that “illustrates” it.

I don’t agree on a part of the video. I’ve read that having your hands in your pockets and your thumbs out is actually a sign of extreme confidence.

Colonise other planet and leave Earth alone

What a disrespectful interviewer! please behave civilly.

I googled Thug Notes T Shirts and the link was there!

Unfortunately all the things he mentions – complaining, gossip etc. are exactly what people DO like to engage in. They WILL listen to you if you talk like that. In my experience you are less likely to be heard in a rowdy group if you are humble. BUT THAT’S OK. What’s important is not to worry about whether you are fitting in with the group. Don’t engage in negativity or cynicism because its not good for YOU; it has nothing to do with getting people to listen to you.

Great way to think about it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us

That was a beautiful and inspiring presentation. Thank you.

Are you going to be releasing the rest of the videos for this unit? Please do your other videos have been really helpful!

Sabhi dalit Ko ‘Bodh Dharam’ le Lena chaiye or dalit Muslim Ko ek sath ho Jana chaiye fir Hindu.. Jai Bhim

Thanku sir

And where is slovak?


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