2) make one about xyz

That girl got on my nerves, but this is amazing

Denmark and Canada is actually more free market than the US. it’s odd that they are used as examples of social market economy.

Can someone summarize this video for me? Please.


In practical life, I have found people who was well received and listened to, possessed the all the bad habits as you mentioned at 2:43 . IF YOU DONT FLOW WITH THE STREEM, YOU WOULD BECOME ” ECCENTRIC” !!!! people would receive you in a different manner.

While the homosexual top, even if 100% homosexual,

Really got people out here trying to explain away this trash lol

Very helpful lecture..but little fats. Thanks


GANDALF: White shores, and beyond, a far green country under a swift sunrise.

Esta muy complicado si no as estudiado informática :'(


Charlemagne is a racist himself

I get what you are saying after 1 min of video… but it’s just accepting that you are a victim of your own wants and needs so you blame the system instead of yourself.

Very useful! Thanks for sharing!

Are aliens here?

On Rat Tails: during the this year’s drought in the Philippines, rice farmers started to starve. Crops were dying, and so were the animals. (There was a mass shooting of farmers who rallied asking the government for aid.) Latern on in certain provinces, there was a bounty on rat tails. For every X number of rat tails submitted, they would be given Y kilograms of rice. The farmers submitted rat tails for rice, and then they roasted the rat bodies for meat. Just an example of how a failed incentive policy elsewhere worked under a different context.

I see a girl on 4

If Stephen Fry ever kills himself I will loose every ounce of hope in humanity, he is a absolute genius in my eyes.

Beautiful.. Thank youu x)

High German is called “Oberdeutsch” in German and Standard German “Hochdeutsch” – just for the record 😉

Thugga is the goat. been with him for 1-2 years and people are just finding out now about his talents:’)

In this book he predicted reality TV where you call into TV and flat screen TV


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