Speech for managers…

4:24 anyone know what was censored in Noam’s speech by google there?

Thanks in advance!!!

Let’s face it. We Americans aren’t the highest brow of education and talking simple is key to getting the most attention.

Thumbs up if you’d like to see Arnold Schwarzenegger on TED!!!! He taught us that learning a new language effectively isn’t impossible and it’s not a barrier between your personal or professional goals.

Many of Beethoven a classical musician like so long ago may have passed but still by in a awesome most unique way his beautiful orchestra and syphonys also music has lived on to the modern days this has inquiredin to show now even if you have problems you may overcome them live your dream. He was an inquisitive man so strong and powerful. I want all of you to have a great day and night live your dream and get inspired have a unique year!!

Many many thanks! and to the woman for a very nice translations as well.

In other words, to think that utilitarianism is flawed in such a way that it has been shown to be wrong is to admit that you have a myopic view of the world, which is hardly becoming of a philosopher.

Dont u have lecture on is lm model?

Make a video on Latin

Y’all are all talking about studying it’s July no school I’m listening to this bc I like Beethoven

Latest research into DNA proves the Steppe was the PIE homeland after all!

He’s great!


I just got called strange by a university professor.


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