Verse 1:

Good one

The views are gonna spike up now😂😂😂 #lastminuterevision

Very much so. Thank you so much. I am so glad I have watched your Econ teaching radios. It’s really helpful to digest the concept. Cooooooooooooool stuff! ^_^

I might end up spending this summer in Austria. I think the fact that this is where I came first for a breakdown of German really says something about your channel, Paul

U should get nobel



The Catcher in the rye in the top right little quote bubble has strangely really bad quality, I cant read it on anything

I love you.

(Please read this comment keeping in mind that i’m a musician, i study for it and that would be kinda the base of my job in the future)

Dative (To whom\what)

I am an emotional nomad, a maverick bent on self indulgence.

I know all these stuff but I can not write at all

Sir u r sure in 2 and sems I got this ans 8 bit

Do you ever watch Blow up/ARTE? A lot of their videos can be understood without speaking French (or I would think so). If you don’t know about this channel I would recommend it, I think you’ll like it!


6:War and Peace.


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