Most video games suffer the exact same problem, which forces many users to tweak the image with shaders like SweetFX or ENB. Especially when you play on a TN panel. It’s so ironic but most PC master race users have dogshit image quality, and they don’t even know it.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU because my teacher went over this in class twice and I went in to talk to him to get help and I still couldn’t fully grasp the concept until now.

Yuh I noticed that while watching the avengers yesterday but I didn’t know color grading was the issue it just looked muddy

Jiva jago, jiva jago ramacandra bole.

It’s odd that one of things we thought would never ask existential question did before (for the most part) apes and actually speak

Regarding the sound quality, yes, this could have been improved but it was perfectly audible. The sound of the keyboard was quite distracting, but more of a distraction was the flicking from one camera to the other. This, however, is a problem with the technology: when the software hears a noise from a microphone, it automatically switches the screen to show the images from the camera associated with that microphone. I had a simple solution though, I simply listened to the audio without watching the screen.

That sleeping grandpa at 1:24 tho XD

I score 250 , it means my mental age is 16-21 and I’m 20 .so…😁😁

Yooo your boy kaptain has some major bars 😂🔥

Empathy is very emotionally expensive, if you don’t wanna be destabilized and overwhelmed you have to harden – a doctor wont empathize to stay focused.

Und i sitz do und reg mi of wegen den Piefken xD

The girl in the video looks like steph from gametheory ^^

Wow the 2nd scenario had some hope, and upon writing it I frankly realized that dying to killer robots might just be better…

I am fucking wanna learn

How u created the whiteboard effect? ..whichsoftware u use?,…can u link me the sites were u download or else upload it in googledocx, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me 🙂

Powerful Tony. Loved it.

Soooo the novel that is the second most sold of all time gets number 9? Seems legit

Effective videos for MBA studenta

19:30 thank you, god allah, for allowing my husband to stab me

Are pandits ji we live in 21st century, just think about the human,

We’ve known each other for so long

We have become a society where the truth actually bothers people


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