Thanks so much. This is very helpful

Boy I sure would love to hear Erik’s take on Pacino in Scareface. LOL!!

In french, my language, I think nouns are modified only with plural and feminine. So almost no grammatical cases!

Buzzfeed : the world?

Thank you for lesson explnation

What’s his name?

-Neil Hilborn

Sorry, but can you ask that in a more degenerating way than it already is? Your question would be suitable if you asked: ‘where is this based on’ – Only after that can we talk about logic.

Not saying that’s a bad trait…

C.) Destabilise a country (Coup’s are always good) & then fund your favourite side so when they win you have them in your pocket?

So wezzy wasn’t talking this type language first

Si me sonaban los muñecos

I’m working on marketing right now, and i see you have potential to become big!



4) – when two successful quarters, or six months, show a decrease in.

I can getting dis really easy mam….

My computer ran out of battery and died mid essay.

Sayed ijaz bukhari good English learning teacher is good style teacher

I love animation but why the distracting background music? :/


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