Sir, Kristian, is there a way I could buy this track because It’s really well compose and has interesting things to say

Don’t you think he had an affinity with the romantics?

6:47 Well, that was ironic…


Don’t be a

0:07 Hey look, a new species! Hopefully he isn’t stupid!

She must be on the Trump payroll, because her explanation is just as moronic as Trump himself.

You wouldn’t need any scripts, preparation, or in her case:

Well, you certainly ARE the proof of your “claim” you definitely look and act more male thany anything else. Well, a female genitals I would assume, male chemisty (maybe a bit medically helped?) and than we get something like you. it is OK:) nature made a little joke when you were produced. But to claim this is the RULE and we ALL are creating our sex/gender just because you obviously do so, – a bit too much of a creativity.

Thugger the goat Fr

I didn’t give girl the money

I will definitely clear my semester

Happy until not compare to others its prove

What a bout Sim language?

It’s literally just:

I want more of these!

Thanks for your helpful videos, they are really great and helped me a lot. I have a question, is the graph of unit elasticity linear?

At the very best, a unique bond develops between parent and child. Imagine speaking a language that perhaps only the two of you in a 10-mile radius can speak fluently.

There are also glides, also called semi-consonants or rarely, semi-vowels. (y-, w-, sometimes h, and r and l sometimes get lumped in there too.) These are “between” vowels and consonants.

Just coming back to enjoy the classics/ Jack should play this again.



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