Ummm Harry is not human neither is fro do lol

The Divine language from The Fifth Element is not just gibberish. If you watch the directors commentary version of the Ultimate Platinum edition, it’s stated that Mila and Luc Besson (Director) combined Russian and Latin to make the language and that they are both fluent in it and can converse with each other.

Say I, not like a fucking maniac please

7:00 RIP headphone users.

“let’s say career” stfu, goon. Noam Chomsky is a living legend.

Nice one watching from #Tanzania ahsante sana

What a gangster.

Being able to free-draw curve charts for short-run average costs is a lifesaver, this term.


I watched this in first period today in class (English class)

This is why at birth you’re issued a SSN, Slave Security Number.

Garbage caste system to keep others down

He is:

It was feared by the west that Mossadegh was a communist and there was a lot of propaganda to portray him as one. As he was not a communist, he planned to keep the Shah as a symbol of Monarchy to reassure the world on the issue. A patriot of Persia by Christopher Del Bellagigue is a good book about him

[Verse 1]

All of our “accomplishments” in one video, not sure what to do w myself now.

The way we can brcome truly free is to destoy the farmers from the inside

Ruse and command and conquer red alert 3

Three examples of people who have better flows and lyrics then eminem.

But….who knows.

Lmfao i thought he was a teenager and his mom was filming

The one rich kid who didn’t turn out to be an asshole


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