Will you make me clear on this?

This dude keep sounding like he’s running a marathon… :/

Cause social distress and create severe problems for an organization,

Great tutorial bro, but where is the second part, the body?

Anyone know where i can get some looloo boots?

You can tell Jack is a boss because the moment anything he doesn’t understand comes up he just sits there while someone punches him in the face.

2:24 it says meaningless instead of meaninglessness

@Icannottolerateit It’s interesting that the only people who find so-called “Bible prophesies” compelling are the ones who are already convinced the Bible is the word of a god. Everyone outside that bubble doesn’t have that biased view. Think about it; if there were any true prophesy within the Bible, something so incredible that it couldn’t be discounted, it would be front page news, globally. The world would suddenly flock to the Bible. Tellingly, that’s never happened.

Linguist Noam Chomsky, professor at MIT, discusses the ways in which language changes over time and how the idea of a national language is a modern phenomenon. In this University of Washington interview, Upon Reflection host Al Page speaks with Chomsky about how languages are systems of communication rooted in human nature.

So how do we live a good life. i don’t wanna go to collage and just get a job. idk what todo

10. Crime and Punishment

Laissez-faire capitalism is not market anarchy. It’s where the gov provides oversight to make sure people are not being defrauded, but where “steering markets”, picking winners & losers, tariffs, etc are not allowed. If you’re calling this “unhinged capitalism”, realize that this would not “crush little people”, it would AID the “little people” more than anything else. It’s gov & cronyism that create entry barriers for small business. They quash free trade. Laissez-faire is anti-cronyism.

“white privilege basically, or rich privilege i mean”

Debit and credit ko detail ko video rakhnuna hai sir

Buddha was a conman and a moron.

This is so true

You’re not learning french aren’t you?

The Belfast accent is shit. Cruise sounds more southern irish than northern irish

And I spend my study time on YouTube watching videos about my life. Thanks. What an eye-opener!

Thank you!

Can you also bend air, fire and earth with a pvc pipe?


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