Thank u for that u r awesome

I really appreciate u Liz. you are always the model. I saw your vidio&I really like it. besides it may be better if there is a sample vidio of ielts writing task 2 on body part.

It remains stunningly bizarre to me that the courage to challenge gender activism is still lacking in medical professions despite the overwhelmingly obvious.

Nit picking nerd 🤓

How do you know that I don’t slay dragons and fight Voldemort? What if I do?

Whos watching in 2017

Lot of theorey. But the reality is: HR is affirmative action for women.

I’ve been watching your videos for five minutes and I just don’t understand why you don’t have 10 million subscribers yet? Bruh.. you’re amazing and you deserve so much more than 200 something thousand subscribers oh my gosh I’m subbing right now you’re amazing you’re such an inspiration can’t wait to see your channel grow

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Thank you, the best explanation ever.


Buddha want born in Nepal or India. He was born in the lands of Bharatavarsha which the people followed Dhamma, or Dharma, or Santana Dharma or Hinduism. Basically Bharatavarsha refers to the Indian subcontinent.

Winger-Andrew smith


Disliked for including an alarm clock sound. What the fuck is wrong with you?


So gooooo,..d

What did you get in English literature As/A level

(im 11, so um im not exactly sure…..yet)


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