Such an erudite sane intelligent humble man.


What is the difference in the guy between 07:33 and 8:00. I know there is one but i can’t find it

Maybe he’s a good guy, but it’s a very ugly accent.

Սլովակիա մոռացաք

I am like a living emp because I can hurt by touching and socking with no technology

Can you make one about the spread of Semitics

Just saying…

Trump refers to himself in the 3rd person a lot. Who does this besides royalty, schizophrenics, and assholes?

Actually, all of the mechanisms in computers and smart phones are built on government owned patents.

May you please make a video on Bertrand Russell please?

Is this video also a part of propaganda?????

NO, Listen: This video makes small sense of QUANTUM reality…DO NOT FALL INTO THIS PIT. it is bad, and you should feel bad; having wondering about it. Also it leads no where, (did i just say that twice) so good luck!

Thank you thank you thank you I am so bad at writing essays you are saving my life

Game of Thrones?

Spot on.

He still has an accent, I’m Irish so I still hear his very strong American accent just the same as they would hear my general Irish accent weather it’s my native Kilkenny accent or a dublin accent. Everyone has an accent

In my country we learn aeiou really strictly we learn that so that we will all have the same pronunciation we also have a writing test for it we learn it from the age of 5

My mail id is or you can send a request in Facebook (Valentina George).

Slowly padhana chahiye aapko

The Washington post couldn’t get Noam Chomsky to make a comment on this topic?


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