To actually know that parrot is now dead and lifeless is the saddest thing in the world :'(

The folks that are conservative and hate “political correctness” because it impedes their free speech should really stop to consider why they would keep telling the progressives to stop talking all the time…

It is therefore simply argued that the paucity of anthropological reports on same-sex relations and queer identities

That’s why we need superman. superman would save everyone!

We all have to believe that Jesus, the Christ was the son of God. The most important thing about the Christ is that he is the symbol of LOVE. Love is the thing that saves the world, and the Christ is the great teacher who demonstrated that love in the flesh.

Harvard students look broke as fuck lol.. why would i wanna be there

One day the untouchables will say enough is enough and decide to take matters into their own hands. It shall be very very messy. Something needs to be done very first to get these caste system out of the way


Who ever disliked this why

This guy fucks.

Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that.

People say I’m too quiet a lot, but if I’m whispering with my friends in a class then they say I can be too loud, is there any way you can think of that might help? I feel as though I must be speaking monotone constantly or something :/

This kind of music, never keeps me focused. Idk why, but i listen to metal instead.

I want more videos like this

Why would you think this video is okay? haha its so awkward and cringe worthy


Do you know if the latest aqa course actually has social/historical in the mark scheme?

Sir, thanks for this amazing video😊….. is there anymore videos for 1st year students?…if u have it plzz plzzz send me link sir😊😊

Hello, dear Liz. I have problems with writing task 2 essays, I can’t develop clear ideas and strong arguments. Hope you can help me, thanks for an answer in advance.

Really it’s useful for ielts students


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