So cool

What will happen in trials when the hero dies??? Need an answer very soon writing a narrative for school and it’s due in the morning


A video about the Greek language. Why not?

I doubt it, because when people say “Could of” your brain interprets it as “could’ve”, which is exactly what they mean. But you meant “type”. You would have to just be a complete ass to want to correct someone on facebook or the likes, places of informality, when they say “could of” instead of “could have”, or rather “Could’ve”, because they sound exactly the same, they arent expecting asses to jump out from their audience on youtube and judge them, and even if they are, they really dont care.


Weaponized intertextuality = “member guys? I member? member???”

Right now Im so tired of winning.

Every Indian who hasnt stood up against this atrocity should be ashamed of themselves for their lack of humanity.

I freakin’ grew with Warcraft 3

Speak slower. I cannot translate what you’re saying.

Somewhere in the galaxy the Core and the Arm continue to battle…….. *looks again* Oh right….sorry, was getting nostalgic.

… it’s been running in near foreground of my mind.

Вчера смотрел порно с женой

I have to say, as a German, German is an easy language, but in German we have like 10 words for “the”, so you may have problems learning this. I’m just 14 and I speak English really well, so English is really easy if you compare it with German.

How can anybody be happy and feel free, knowing about the killings and tortures and suffering going on for millions of people and animals on this planet – and even call it progress?

This is amazing 🙂

In the end automation is still the key to rising quality of life. This time by reducing the time we have to “waste” on work.

Still bumpin the original ODB (Old Deaf Bastard)

Martin is actually cut from the same cloth as Jay z, 50 cent, Diddy, Russell Simmons, Rick Rubin etc. They move shit in NYC and money has replaced time for these cats! It’s Powerful!!!

I freaking love Nando de Freitas! His talks and lectures are always great!

this is called controlled opposition…i used to be a slave to that, but then i realized it and stopped following these saboteurs. i hope you do also one day, because with this kind of stuff, you are doing so much bad for simple minded people.


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