But is for instance 9-11-trutherdom really so stupid that one can honestly label it a cult?

However, I’m afraid of such early release, game still seems a bit unpolished to me.

He still has an accent, I’m Irish so I still hear his very strong American accent just the same as they would hear my general Irish accent weather it’s my native Kilkenny accent or a dublin accent. Everyone has an accent

There is a bear fighting bull in the background. The stock market is coming!

I think history showed that Lance Armstrong ran on something else than emotions.

Please please please do one on THOMAS PAINE! We especially need some of his insights today. Thanks 🙂

Welp, it’s happening. Let’s sit back, relax, and hope these robots can’t turn.

Lol I’m the creepy guy having eye contact war 👀 smh 🤦‍♂️ I need to work on looking away a bit.

Woah you don’t care about your money. Rest In Peace 2 dollar..

ACDC lol

Thank you, teaching with all your heart! God bless you so much!

This can solve african’s problems

I want those boots.

Wait, is this not for secondary 2?0.0

Don’t tell me you’re too blind to see


Short term: State

Omg 24:15 is so funny


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