What the fuck man

I honestly thought Ulysses would be #1.

Its like ur few of the guys nowadays with many features, maybe thats why ppl find u hot

Stupid the new unique

How does she know how to pronounce everything?

DAE think the thumbnail makes him look like Barney Stinson? No? AM I TOO MUCH OF A NEIL PATRICK HARRIS FANBOY? DO I NEED HELP? WTF IS EVEN HAPPENING

Alternative Facts: A fact is an observation. Therefore an alternative fact is an alternative observation.


Not all heroes wear capes

Hello Dani, I’m currently working through the syllabus for GCSE Economics. I was wondering if you’d be willing to email me a copy of your notes? Also, do you know how the OCR exams compare with the AQA exams in terms of difficulty?

I am a student at South Alabama and was assigned to watch this video. I really enjoyed how to the information was presented.

Or a HISTORY OF MELODIES? this one could be even more interesting, since it’s barely touched on…

“Look, some people prefer they,’ Alex said. ‘They’re non-binary or mid-spectrum or whatever. If they want you to use they, then that’s what you should do. But for me, personally, I don’t want to use the same pronouns all the time, because that’s not me. I change a lot. That’s sort of the point. When I’m she, I’m she. When I’m he, I’m he. I’m not they. Get it?’

If they gave you w x y and z, they would want 3w, 3x, 3y, and 3z


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