• Lesbians might enjoy something like this. If you’re not going to criticise lesbians for their sexuality, you’re implicitly endorsing a form of socially-acceptable discrimination. If you do criticise lesbians, you’re exposed (to the satifaction of morally-confused progressives) for the bigot such a position would make you.

Anything and everything written by David Eddings.

Great video!

Sir plz make videos on science

It looks more real

I’m having trouble understanding why the firm would want to produce if the total cost is 60 and they only earn revenue of 40 since 60

Cannibalism used to be quite common in parts of the world where meat was scarce, like the New Guinea highlands until a few decades ago, and in Central America during the reign of the Aztecs. A late european example of cannibalism was what happened in Ukraine during Stalin’s starvation campaign of that country in the 1930s.

U did lion and jewel

We have two hemispheres to this planet!!!!!!!! What is in the middle? Everyone!

I think it’s wrong that women are disproportionately sexualized. But does that mean that any expression of male heterosexuality is inherently mysogyinistic. I like media that contains images of sexualized women because I am heterosexual. Does that make me Sexist? Is it sexist of me to have those images viewable in public space? Is it only okay for me to like pictures of sexualized women and just hide that I like these images?

They always ignored the more practical dimensions, of money flows and media-reporting,

Podrías poner videos bonus consiguiendo récord

You are really good teacher

I’ve been making efforts to transition into a healthier mindset over the past year or so, and it’s been life changing to begin looking at the world and society and most importantly myself from perspectives and ways explained throughout this channel. I would love to see this type of material be taught in schools from a young age. 🤔💭

Corey John Richardson empathy is one tool of many – not to be overstated as this video may do. if we were merely wired for this bonding…. then the empirical evidence of cruelty, etc. etc. and his extrapolation from a few MRI studies is too far reaching.

When are you going to update the videos so they are all shiny and new?

His initial example is the age old socio/psychopath test.


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