I love your poster!!! And thank you for the advice. It’s going to help me a lot in the future.

When you replace 45% of working force with machines, the consumption of goods slows down by 45%. Not only that, the government gets 45% less taxes. It’s called Deflation, and it’s really bad for the Economy, cause there will be more goods and services, than money can buy, as a result, their production slows down.

Humans for the earth are like cancer for humans…

What’s the password for the Ultimate Review Packet of 2017 for Microeconomics?

That sucked

Glad to see everyone is against CTG he was so disrespectful.

You clearly haven’t read any of his material so there’s no point in commenting here.

Never plucking my brows again

Insanely well explained. Thanks!

We need to bring back the Rick roll

@happylearner Even if it is an inside job it mirrors your emotions. So if you are selfish unto your own reality your own negativity will flow back to you. Reality, be it objective or subjective, has a feedback mechanism. The objective and the subjective are the same thing, which is infinite probability experiencing itself forever. Yes, there is just you, you are consciousness, part of the greater consciousness system, but you’re not living all of yourself at once, unless you transcend ego.

Sources: google “index of economic freedom”

This is really cool



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