Denmark doesn’t exist apparently 😀

(roughly around 20 minutes in the video)

I do try my best to spell but sometime I can’t spell what can i do? 🙁

(Means the old days in Arabic)

End of Nations sucks.

Did she pay college tuition and then study DJT to learn that… linguistic analysis? Disappointing.

In terms of shows like ‘Smallville’, this might be better categorised as ‘Obligatory Intertextuality’, since it’s directly invoking a known canon of work and twisting it for it’s own use.

The new We Happy Few intro looks great!

I’d like to see some tutorials on personal motivation and procrastination. that’d be awesome

What an asshole!

Instant downvote for the unnecessarily long intro

Play minecraft story mode

It was a great lesson.


S T O P!!!

I understood way more in 19minutes than i do this entire semester.

Why does every little thing exist?


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