Great informational stand up special.. thumbs up

I like it so much

I am studying for my Master’s in Clinical Counseling, and I want to let you know how much I appreciate and learn from Crash Course Psychology. Thank You

What was your concluding song called

Good lord, this episode was depressing.

I had a couple of economics classes during my time in university, and I’m really happy to see the critism of this video is honestly directed at the content at not at the pace and style with which the models are introduced. I thought this was moving fast for many people, great to see everyone following along!

Thanks sir

(my opinion) have you seen wonder-woman๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ i watched it in theater’s (when it was 5 dollars to watch movie im broke i know) and i was heart broken at the CGI it had.

I am not a native speaker in German, but I have to be honest that you are the owner of the YouTube channel. You did not understand anything of the German language. Even the examples you translated into English are wrong

And lastly mko v ni pta tha 6 no. Pr (F) ata h

Good looks

But……………….why is it so funny?


Ok people. “Humankind” has been enslaved since time immemorial. This will not change. The very fact that some out there say it will is in itself, a fraud by virtue of the fact that it exists at all. Go home and take the blue pill. You wake up in your cozy, overpriced homes with your spoiled rotten kids and watch reality shows. Splendid!

Raymond Lai (Member of the Buddhist Family)

Thank you so much sir for giving us such a nice video… really helped for my exams…you are the great economist

Hey Wisecrack, The Philosophy of Bob Dylan maybe? anyone?

Nah, its just witchcraft :O

Frodo is a hobbit xD

I don’t want to live in a world were i have cannot serve a porpuse doing the thing i love.

Climatic adaptation and not because of a migration of Aryan pale

I wonder if a lack of exercise, i. e. flying caused his early death. Stop clipping their wings and keep them in an aviary instead of a cage. It would be more humane too.


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