My favourite quotes are

All of my favorite rappers but where is Nas

Trying to learn Arabic and Korean, hopefully I can improve more using these steps.


I love what your doing this stuff gets me hard

Coolest American president. will miss him.

A Christmas Carol

I have found this video very useful thank you

Those dancing chicks in black are so hot

Wonder why jesus didn’t let dogs/animals run the world.

We are evolving… or getting back to our true nature; this is excellent, honestly clear, with enough humor and enough sadness, to present a compassionate and balanced insight. Life consciously is both joyful and depressing, which makes it complete. Sharing our feelings is not a North American passion unless we are frustrated, delayed, compromised or seriously depressed. Let the joy of knowing liberate the energy to thrive.

It is incredibly easy to imagine how religions started. cheated on your wife during this season and coincidentally suffered a drought? it must be a punishment. and there must be an arbiter of said punishment.


Great video and animations! glad to see that people are still looking at the works of Chomsky these days. if i could just say on critic, it’s that the music was a tad bit distracting for myself personally. bit too loud at times to the point that some of the narrators words felt a bit lost in the intensity of the music. but overall, it’s a minor complaint.

6. Scandinavia was Indo-Europeanized much earlier.

And now compare the colors of this to the Thor:Ragnarok film. They definitely went all out with color on that one.



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