6 out of 10 is not “very good”. That’s failing.

Really i start understand paraphrasing after watching your video. thank you so much

“Why? cause I’m black?” man get this fool out of here. what an idiot.


The problem with minute 28:00 is the difference between making a choice of two options and a life of work. I am hoping this is rectified afterthe commercial break :\

More videos like this please!

She messed up at the end and said men dont approuch from the front but meant to sat back

Once a year 1000 remarkable people gather in Monterey, California to display their skills. Tony is not one of them.

Let”s all put away our BLAMEthrowers!!!

So, here the case is not 3 vs 1. It is 12 vs 1. hence, it was justifiable to kill 1 boy

Thanks. Simple and easy to understand charts.

Just wrote a letter to my self with things I’m proud of. I suggest you do the same, it can be quiet uplifting.

The map is as real as JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth. . . a mere speculation.

The takeaway is that half of America is gullible and stupid. Believe me.

Very well explained. Good examples and understandable. LIKE


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