How average utility is calculated

Man where was this in undergrad?

Creadores de little inferno llore con esa serie ; (

Can you make history of the caucasus?

You are just wow teacher well done sir

I swear you are the best teacher out there! I am first year master student, neither my professor at university nor any tutor in youtube made me understand as easily as you did! You deserve a standing ovation… Million thanks for taking your time to teach us and for making education available for free!

You destroyed me on 10… I paused it and couldn’t figure it out.

This guy gives me dhivers up my spine☺

Dhammam Sharanamm Gacchaamii..


You are realy clever

You should read Just Kids by Patti Smith, it’s beautifully written

Awesome tips! 💙

I’m sorry to say but was not able to be clear about real GDP?

Thank you very much.


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