Charlemagne thinks he’s all it lmao


He doesn’t sound like he could be one of my family members. Even the dumber ones of us are way above his level.

Also, such an interesting comment about on-line education! Your teacher probably does have HUNDREDS of students who she needs to monitor. Multiple-choice is the only way to make that work, and it’s probably a very ineffective way to measure students’ progress, especially in English classes.

13:23 That double breath tho

Consent Is Being Manufactured All Around You, All The Time

Thanks for your lesson. It would be helpful for my exam

What an embarrassment for country, thanks red states and rural poor people, now get to work in your dream coal mines. I am thinking more like Tesla moving forward. I cant wait for this poor excuse for a president to go away, F draft dodger.

I’m from the Northeast and I find Bernie’s accent obnoxious. It’s almost comical. I couldn’t imagine a representative of our nation speaking like that to the world.

5,000 people accidentally missed the like button


In the end, you have to live with yourself, the choices you made, and the actions you took.


Alpha = 90 to 70$, beta=60$ to 50 or 45$, prereleaseorderpack 40$ and release bout 30$ … pick one or none


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