Man this is so useful!!!! OMG I stress on writing Lit Reviews and this just explained it plain and simple. Thank you so much David! I have 2 hrs and 59 min to get this show on the road and posted EEEEEKKKKK!!!

“Queer studies, or Sexual Diversity Studies, or LGBT studies,

Damn, that was good! Thanks for uploading. A dense and fascinating summary of Chomsky’s views on language. Great questions.

The so-called brahman from Varanasi has no comprehension of the vedas and has failed miserably to accept what Krishna has explained so nicely in Bhagavad-gita. We follow a varna by qualification – not by dint of birth. In my country New Zealand, so-called brahmans perform menial jobs – such as petrol-station worker. But they still believe they are brahman and are falsely proud. They also eat meat, drink alcohol and gamble and see prostitutes – and still they insist that they are brahmans – when even a fool can see that they are deluded.

As for Groot speak: in the comics it was explained in the comics that his species ends up with wooden vocal cords/tongues/lips (duh), which limits the words he can say. However there are in fact slight tonal, volume, and frequency differences that a trained ear can denote meaning from. Part of why Rocket is the best at understanding him (even after a great deal of time has passed) is because raccoons have more sensitive ears, able to pick up more frequencies than human ears. I think there are even some frequencies that are placed alongside his usual “I am Groot” that the human ear just plain can’t make out, though I could be misremembering.

Fun fact, verbs in Arabic can also show case and it depends on the auxiliaries (negation, subjunction)

There’s something to be said for both sides. it’s not an easy question to answer – what is more important, equality or liberty? this is why our country is divided on this issue into two parties to this day. although I would be much more open to considering an actual dialogue if the republican party didn’t come with the disgusting baggage of religion. We continue to have the wrong conversation, to cater to the stupid masses for their votes.


He doesn’t speak like everybody else. He speaks like an uneducated nut case that is losing his mental capacity to dementia.

Happy 17 million subs!!!!

This has got to be the best thing I’ve ever seen! Miss Obama :'(

The river of time series!!!!!!

Congrat for getting on trending

Some very good information. Thank for taking the time to go over it.

No. Just no. Your biology determines your gender. Its called science nutjobs.

This is great! Loving it

I could listen to Erik explain all the little details aaaaalll day. This is so fascinating!

If you listen to all of Job’s interviews, you’ll find that he actually started on the iPad before the iPhone. Seeing as it took several years to create the iPhone, he would’ve started the iPad around 2004, two years after Microsoft’s tablet. It came from MS.

This is what our world has come to. Fuck

As well as an entire, growing group of men who have gotten used to f*ck *ss or get a bl*w j*b from other guys they wouldn’t even kiss.


Give me more of what I really need


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