Too fast for beginer

Brilliant!! I have been in an 8 week English Comp 122 course and this is the first time I understand what the lesson has been trying to teach!! Thank you! You probably saved my grade!!

I live in Australia, and will soon have to pick a tertiary course in which I will study.

This women is a retard more college educated people voted for him denial is not a river in egypt

Keep in mind that full communism is also anarchy. So, now you can start seeing the different nuances in anarchy and how it starts to make more sense to define what form of anarchy when speaking about it. Much like saying I’m a christian, the problem is it doesn’t tell you what church I’m talking about or what specific beliefs I have since Mormons are also considered Christians.

The OH IM FIRST shiz needs to stop

Ted talks are so over

¿oy el único que tuvo las mismas ideas que Gona?

Thank you ive been searching everywhere on how to start a book and this really helped me thank you – a 14 year old wanna be author

The marvel movies aren’t ugly!!

InterSEXuality. giggle

It tells me that im all of them.. 💣



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